Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning is a term used to describe variety of approaches used to help a person identify what is desired and meaningful in their life. The common theme in each approach is that the person is the primary focus, their hopes dreams and desires are the priority.

People invite their family and others that care about them to be part of the planning meeting. The team’s role is to help share the things that are most important to the person, important for the person and to develop action steps to move toward the desired future

Person Centered Planning can have a significant effect on the amount of positive control that people have in their lives. Peoples hopes dreams and desires typically are around, where they live, where they work, where they go, who they spend time with and how they can have more independence in their lives. The focus is the person not the disability.

Owakihi planners are trained in a variety of approaches and work to make sure that the plan is as individual as the person. Please contact us to learn more about Owakihi’s Person Centered Planning Services and how people can have more positive control over the life they desire.

For more information on Person Centered Planning, or to make a referral for Person Centered Planning, please contact Mark Winters at

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Our Life-Planner Mentors

Sandra Kindem

What people like about me as a trainer:

  • Enthusiastic and passionate about the topic
  • Tells good/relevant stories
  • Has lots of experience to share as a person in the field and family experiences with developmental disabilities and mental illness
  • Knows the material!
  • Always prepared (or appears to be)
staff4 sandykcert

What you need to know and can do to support me:

My health is extremely important to me:
  • I need to know I can excercise and have health snacks and meals on a daily basis; that always take precedence when I make travel arrangements
  • Please understand that I won't go out much in the evening I must have time to check emails, prep for the next day, and get a good nights sleep.

I need to know that the materials and supplies are taken care of; either by someone I have spoken to or by myself. I must have an agenda with times for each activity so I can stay on track and on time. As a mentor, I find it helpful to have other mentors to connect with. If I am running late, assisting me with all the setup is a great way to help!

What is important to me as a trainer:

  • Being prepared and organized; everything ready on on time, being on time
  • Connecting with my audience; having them engage with me
  • I love hearing how the learning makes a huge difference in people's lives!
  • Technology works!
  • Having a hard copy of my materials/presentation with my own notes
  • Healthy snacks and meals

People who support me best:

  • Help me know the rules and are clear with expectations
  • Understand that if it is a new curriculum, I must have time to read it, learn it, and ask lots of questions... and I'd really like to watch someone else do it first!