Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning can have a significant effect on the amount of positive control that people have in their lives. Peoples hopes dreams and desires typically include, where they live, where they work, where they go, who they spend time with, and how they can have more independence in their lives. In planning, the focus is the person not the disability. The purpose of any planning process is to involve/engage people in conversations and a value-based approach to making decisions about their lives.

 What is Person-Centered Planning?

Person Centered Planning is a term used to describe variety of approaches used to help a person identify what is desired and meaningful in their life. Person-Centered Planning facilitation embraces individual rights and the experiences that should be available to all citizens. It promotes a life where people have control and choice. Facilitators engage with the person and their supporters throughout the planning process. People invite their family and others that care about them to be part of a planning session. The team’s role is to help share the things that are most important to the person, important for the person and to develop action steps to move toward the desired future. The session(s) aim to determine a vision of the positive and possible future while balancing decisions about what is important to a person with what is important for their health and safety. The person is central in their own planning process, is the primary focus, and their hopes and dreams are the priority.

 Our Team

Owakihi’s Planners have a broad range of training and experience. As facilitators, we understand that within a Person-Centered Planning process, there are many tools and methods that can be used given the situation for each person. The process is fluid and changing given the specific circumstances for everyone. Our ability to be creative and to draw from these many methods provides open possibilities for different approaches that can have a significant impact on a given situation. Owakihi planners are trained in a variety of approaches and work to make sure that the plan is as individual as the person. Some of these approaches include creating Person Centered Descriptions and One Page Profiles, MAPS and PATH planning facilitation, Picture of a Life, and Liberty Planning. Please contact us to learn more about Owakihi’s Person Centered Planning Services and how people can have more positive control over the life they desire.

More information

For more information on Person Centered Planning, or to make a referral for Person Centered Planning, please contact Mark Winters at or Alison Nelson at


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Our Planning Facilitators

Mark Winters

Mark has extensive experience and training in planning with people and is passionate about the work. He brings his artistic talent to graphic facilitation and his passion for listening to the process of every plan. Mark is honored to be a part of your story whenever he is invited to be a part of your planning process.

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