Housing Access Coordination

Finding housing can be one of the biggest challenges for people in today’s housing market. ┬áThe process can be daunting to find a home that is affordable while meeting individual needs.

Owakihi offers Housing Access Coordination to help people who are in the need of finding a first home or in the process of transitioning to a new home. Our housing access coordinator meets with people individually to provide support and assistance with the goal of finding a home a that is affordable and in a community that meets the persons needs.

Using our person-centered approaches Housing Access Coordination at Owakihi provides support before and throughout the moving process including:

  • Help determining eligibility for economic support and public housing options
  • Researching affordable housing options
  • Assistance completing rental application, lease agreements, and meeting with landlords
  • Support in developing household budgets
  • Support and assistance in finding affordable housing items including furniture and other household needs
  • Moving and packing assistance including finding movers and securing moving assistance vouchers

For more information on Housing Access Coordination please contact Jane Ferdowsi; jferdowsi@owakihi.com.