Child Respite Services

Owakihi’s child respite services are designed to provide a positive and enriching respite care for children aged 5 -17 years who need a place to be when their primary caregivers are unavailable or who just need a break from their typical routine. Our program is centrally located and close to many activities giving people the opportunity to be out and about while also being well stocked with fun things to do at home! Highlights of our services include:

  • 1:1 staffing during the day with awake overnight staff
  • Respite runs 3:00 pm Sunday – 11:00 am Wednesday OR 3:00 pm Wednesday – 11:00 am Sunday
  • Services geared towards people’s interests, likes, and what is important to them
  • Opportunities to explore and try new things including different community events and activities such as going to movies, libraries, parks, zoo, malls, etc.
  • People will work on developing one page descriptions for themselves to enrich their time there as well as their time away from Koda

It is Owakihi’s hope to develop a relationship with the people we are supporting where they look forward to their time in respite and visit routinely as needed.  Respite services are typically covered under individual waivers however private pay and county pay are also options.  People should connect with their case managers to get this set up in their waiver.  

For more information on our children’s respite services please email Heidi Mangan at or by phone at 651-451-2889, ext. 112.