About Us

about Owakihi Owakihi is now Beacon Specialized Living Minnesota!  To view our company webpage visit www.beaconspecialized.org!

In January 2019, Owakihi began a partnership with Beacon Specialized Living. Beacon Specialized Living is the largest provider of adult foster care services in the state of Michigan. This partnership has been an opportunity to expand both companies missions of providing high quality and individualized person centered support.  Together, we will be building integrated systems that work to support people with disabilities and mental health needs across both states.

Beacon has an I-Care Philosophy which aligns closely with the values that have helped Owakihi thrive over the years.  It is a shared belief that everyone, regardless of their abilities deserves to be a full member of their community.   As a team, we promote the I-Care philosophy with all our employees, as we act as not only as support, but as advocates for the individuals in our care.

I– Integrity- Act honestly, speak the truth and deliver on promises.

C– Compassion- Be compassionate, caring and gentle in all that we do.

A– Advocacy – Encourage and invest in new ideas that elevate equality and community.

R– Relationships- Encourage a variety of thoughts that reflect the diversity of our markets, customers, and workforce.

E– Excellence- Consistently deliver high quality services that have a positive impact on our communities, our state and our county.

Beacon Specialized Living will continue to keep these values and the best interests of the people we support at the center of everything we do. For more information on Beacon Specialized Living and their services visit http://www.beaconspecialized.org.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. Lao Tzu